Private Credit

We Provide Real Estate Investment Opportunities For "Lenders"

Real estate debt is a relatively low-risk investment that provides consistent and reliable returns.

Most real estate investors still assume the only way to invest in real estate is to buy a property, either alone or with others. That’s certainly one way to do it, but it’s not the only way. Instead of investing in real estate equity – you know, instead of buying the property – you can also invest in real estate debt. You can be the lender!

Private credit is a form of real estate debt offered by alternative lenders. They tend to be short-term loans, typically lasting from six months to three years. They’re used primarily by real estate investors and developers when they must act quickly on an opportunity or when conventional lenders aren’t willing to provide the needed financing. Understanding how to invest in real estate debt will help elevate you to greater success as an investor.

Benefits of Real Estate Debt Investments

Real estate debt investors are essentially lenders. They provide financing, through investment in debt funds, to borrowers in exchange for interest payments and the promise of principal repayment. It’s a way of investing that has a number of key advantages, one that’s helping an ever-growing number of savvy investors like you to protect and grow their wealth.

Less Risk

Lenders are not directly exposed to the operational risks associated with property ownership, things such as prolonged vacancy, spikes in operating expenses, or property damage.

Capital Preservation

Lenders benefit from the significant downside protection that’s unique to real estate debt investing, an equity cushion created by a carefully considered and planned credit box.

Steady Returns

Lenders receive a consistent and predictable income stream, typically either monthly or quarterly payouts that are based on the known interest rates of the underlying loans.


Lenders have better asset allocation in their portfolios due to the low-to-moderate correlation of real estate debt investments with major asset classes and economic indicators.

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