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Our insurance technology solutions make managing your portfolio a breeze. Our experts customize plans according to lifestyle, investments, and coverage requirements – so you get the perfect balance of protection for what matters most!


Our team of expert consultants boasts a diverse background, including CPAs, CFAs, lawyers, and insurance planners. Having supported over 1,000 families with portfolios totalling $300M USD in premiums – we’re well-equipped to provide specialized services to our international clients seeking premium financial advice!

High-Touch Services

Our High-Touch Services bring our clients a dedicated, hands-on and personalized customer service experience!  Beyond builds client loyalty by providing support in complex insurance strategies requiring that one-on-one assistance.

Comprehensive Product Lines

Beyond International Insurance business provides worldwide coverage. Our insurance-related products include global travel health care, new-immigrant health care, a variety of business travel and study abroad insurances, critical illness insurance, pension, and annuity products.

Life Insurance

American Life Insurance

Buying life insurance in America is beneficial in asset planning.  Although often complex, it can offer high leverage and diverse investment strategies.

Life Insurance Case Study

Parents buy life insurance for their children who reside in America

a. Client purchases a $5 Million USD life insurance policy for her daughter who is working in the United States:

  1. Parents are temporary beneficiaries, but this can be changed to include future spouses, grandchildren, or others
  2. Living benefits are included to provide children additional funds for critical illness 
  3. Policy offers cash value, guaranteed index floor, USD investment product eligible
  4. Policy is a tax-deductible pension income
  5. Policy offers educational savings for future generations

b. Client purchases a $30 Million USD life insurance for his son who is studying in the United States:

  1. Son is in good health, can get 20 times leverage on the policy and pass it on to future generations
  2. Policy offers cash value, guaranteed index floor, USD investment product eligible

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Product Advantages

Bermuda Life Insurance

Bermuda is well known for the asset and business protections it offers. The indexes for universal life and whole life insurance are highly mature and tend to be less expensive than in other regions. An ideal choice for global citizens, high-net-worth, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals in their USD asset and insurance portfolio configuration strategies. Enjoy privacy and exemptions from insurance policy income tax and value-added taxes.

Life Insurance Case Study

Client purchases $2.25 Million USD in life insurance

  1. USD-denominated investment insurance policy with privacy protection, flexible cash value usages
  2. Life insurance coverage is paid in U.S. dollars, benefiting spouse and children
  3. Complies with various international global asset allocation regulations 

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Product Advantages


U.S.-based annuities yield life-long income. The market is highly competitive with diversified product choices, good liquidity, and features tax-deferred compound interest growth which is able to effectively enhance investment returns while providing powerful tax planning benefits.

Annuity Case Study

Husband and wife who applied for EB-5 program purchase a $3 Million policy

  1. Death benefit provides minors with income replacement
  2. Additional critical illness protection for both client and spouse
  3. Can be applied to college education fund for their children
  4. Pension savings for the couple

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Product Advantages

Offshore U.S. Dollar Annuity

A good choice in USD-denominated assets and deposits for non-U.S. citizens and permanent green card holders. These annuities yield stable interest incomes (even during economic fluctuations), a level of liquidity, and very effective resistance to inflation. Provides excellent connectivity for those needing to structure periodic payouts for child tuition or U.S.-based insurance renewals.

Annuity Case Study

Client purchases $1 Million offshore annuity

  1. Qualifies for USD asset allocation
  2. Cash value increases with downside protection upside potential
  3. Effective hedge against inflation
  4. Lifelong pension income
  5. Double protection for critical illnesses

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Product Advantages

Global Travel | U.S. Local Medical Insurance

Global / Local Insurance

Beyond can secure the right coverage needed for travelling globally on short-term business trips, studying abroad or even if you are settling down in the U.S.  We offer a one-stop service covering all insurance types. Periodic reviews are conducted to ensure you have the right coverage for your current situation.

Health Insurance Case Study

Entrepreneurial client who has applied for EB-1C purchases U.S. health insurance after landing with L-1 Visa

  1. Comparison and screening of multiple types of solutions
  2. Customized application service
  3. Medical resource recommendations and follow-up service
  4. Annual plan review and optimization

B1B2 Visa holders purchase short-term health insurance

  1. Purchase health insurance services to cover visa holders for entire duration of stay
  2. Cost-effective, customized service
  3. Medical resource recommendations and underwriting reimbursement tracking services

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